Booking Terms

Terms and conditions for booking Warmingham Village Hall

1. Availability

The Trustee’s reserve the right to close the hall and cancel bookings immediately during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

  1. Dates for multi-lets should be agreed every 3 months in advance (where possible).
  2. During Covid-19 Pandemic I months’ notice of cancellations will not be required.


2. Responsibilities

  1. The Hirer must be at least 18 years of age and responsible.
  2. The Hirer will be responsible for ensuring that all users are aware of the procedures for the Covid-19 pandemic social distancing and safe and correct use of the equipment and facilities and report any deficiencies or damage on the occasion of each use.
  3. The Hirer will be responsible for registration and conduct of persons attending a function in the let premises including and ensuring that Security, Fire, Health and Safety requirements are met.
  4. The Hirer will be responsible for retaining the contact details for all persons attending and informing the Trustees should any person in attendance develop symptoms of Covid-19 up to 2 weeks after the date of the hall hire because a deep clean of the premises will need to take place to safeguard all users and to inform the track and trace system
  5. In case of Fire, evacuate, stay out and phone the Fire Brigade.
  6. At least one responsible adult must be present at all times during the let period to ensure adequate supervision.
  7. The Hirer is required to reimburse the Association for the cost of any damage, including but not restricted to structural, decorative, contents and/or electrical/mechanical which may result from a letting. In the case of evening and wedding packages, this may be deducted from the £150.00 refundable warranty payment.
  8. The kitchen and kitchen equipment will not be in use during the period of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  9. The Hirer is required to sweep the floor, wipe down hard surfaces and equipment, dispose of any rubbish in the rubbish bins situated down the side of the hall and leave the hall in good order in the same condition that they found it at the start of the let.
  10. The Hirer is required to reimburse the Association for any additional cleaning that is necessary following the let. In the case of evening and wedding packages, this may be deducted from the £150.00 refundable warranty payment.
  11. Fittings, fixtures and decorations of any kind that damage the fabric of the building will not be permitted. The electrical and mechanical installations of the building must not be altered. Any equipment brought on to the premises by the Hirer should meet the relevant safety requirements and must be removed immediately at the end of the letting.
  12. First Aid materials are on site but there is no public telephone system to summon assistance. The Hirer will need to make their own arrangements. The exact address of the Hall is Warmingman Village Hall, School Lane, Warmingham, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 3QN. Telephone: 01270 526111
  13. The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is done on the premises in contravention of the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.
  14. The Hirer shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs are brought into the premises other than a special event agreed by the Village Hall Committee.
  15. The hirer must not prop open external doors of the hall and fire doors must be kept shut at all times. The only door for exit and entrance of the building is the front door.
  16. The hirer must not use the air conditioning during the Covid-19 Pandemic but instead keep as many windows open as possible to aerate the main hall.


3. Entertainment 

  1. A licensed bar must not be used during the period of the pandemic.
  2. The hall cannot be hired for late night functions of more than 35 people during the pandemic (Booking at the discretion of the committee). No live music/singing can take place
  3. Formal seating arrangements must allow for social distancing of 2 metres unless the attendees are within the same household/social bubble
  4. The maximum number of people allowed in the main hall during the pandemic is 35
  5. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure good order during an event.
  6. The Village Hall is a no-smoking area, and this must be strictly observed.


4. Access

  1. The Trustees reserve the right to refuse any booking without stating a reason.
  2. The Trustees, or representative or any police officer have the right of entry to the hall at all times.


5. Electrical Appliance Safety

  1. The Hirer shall ensure that any electrical appliances brought by them to the premises and used there shall be safe, in good working order, and used in a safe manner in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Where a residual circuit breaker is provided the Hirer must make use of it in the interest of public safety.


6. Insurance

  1. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to effect whatever insurance they perceive is necessary to cover their liabilities. The Trust cover does not extend to the Hirers liabilities.
  2. The Trust shall not be responsible for any damage or loss to any property or injury to any person caused prior to, or during the hire period.
  3. Hirer to provide Insurance documents for any entertainers which will be agreed at the discretion of the Trustee’s/committee.


7. Statutory Obligations

  1. The Hirer must comply with all statutory obligations including the protection of children and race relations. No activity should be carried out which causes offense to other users of the Hall and neighbouring premises.


8. Cancellation

  1. If the Hirer wishes to cancel repayment of the fee will be at the committee’s discretion
  2. Users of the hall MUST ensure that noise is kept to a minimum late at night and when leaving the hall.


Final version July 2021

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